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Company Profile

Welcome to KAN-B INDIA, the epitome of innovation and luxury in designer interior doors. As pioneers in the industry, we proudly hold the title of the FIRST MANUFACTURER OF POLISHED PVC VENEER DOORS IN INDIA, redefining the landscape of Indian Door Industries. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our avant-garde designs tailored for opulent residences. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, we set trends and lead in modernization. Trailblazing sustainability, we replace traditional wooden cores with eco-friendly HDHMR sheets. At KAN-B, "QUALITY IS NOT AN ACT, IT IS A HABIT." Our track record speaks of unparalleled service and commitment to quantity. With a team of creative experts, we deliver products that epitomize quality and durability. Trust KAN-B to exceed your expectations, enhancing your living spaces with sophistication. Our doors are not just functional; they are statements of elegance in every room. Choose KAN-B, where dreams meet class and style, transforming your aspirations into a reality of timeless beauty.

Opening Door to Home Office
Key in the Lock

"Doors are not merely entrances; they are portals to possibilities, guardians of privacy, and silent narrators of the stories within. Each door, a unique expression of style and substance, holds the promise of a new beginning and the beauty of what lies beyond."

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