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Company Profile

We the KAN-B INDIA are the Manufacturer of Designer Interior Doors in India. We have perfected the Art of Creating Innovative yet Luxurious Designs for your Luxurious Residents. We are the FIRST MANUFACTURER OF POLISHED PVC VENEER DOORS IN INDIA. We are one of them who has made an Evolution in Indian Door Industries by adopting Modernisation of Technologies and creating a unique concept in Door Designs. KAN-B was the first to Replace wooden cores and wooden faces with Eco Friendly HDHMR Sheets in almost all of its Products. We work on the Primary Mantra of "QUALITY IS NOT AN ACT, IT IS A HABIT'' , and we have proved to be delivering Quality of Service and Service in Quantity. Combining past years of Experience with Creative Technical Staffs and Our KAN-B's approach you can be Confident on all our Products Quality and Durability to reflect and enhance the beauty of your Dreams with Class and Style.

Key in the Lock

"The door is there, and the key is in your hand".

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