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With years of expertise and experience, Kan-B is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of product and services to both retailers and customers.


In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that. We invite you to browse through our inventory and contact us with any questions.


Our Mantra

"Quality is not an ACT, It is a HABIT".

Grey Theme Objects

Our Principle

"We may not have the Product for the Price you have, but we always have the Value for the Product we have".

Doing Homework

Our Policy

"We would love to be the First our Ourselves than being the Second of someone".

Ancient Architecture

Our Travelouge

What is Travelogue? A Travelogue is an Initiative of KAN-B to Glorify the Victory of Indian History. We have replaced the word Catalogue with “Travelogue” to create a revolution by glorifying the Victories of Indian Histories by naming our Products based on our Indian Historical achievements.

India is a Land of vast culture and Heritage and one of the oldest civilizations of the world. India is the country of various religion, cultures and different atmosphere. India is the cultural hub of the world. Because of its ancient religious history, size, diversity and population, India really is an amazing country. It is also known as the center of Hindu civilization and also the center of origin of world’s greatest epics the Ramayan and the Mahabharat. “Let’s Trade with the History Made”, is our primary motto to work with travelogue.

We are sure that KAN-B’s Travelogue is first of its kind in Door Industry to Promote Business with such unique concept  and creating a revolution  in naming a product in the best possible way. We believe every name has its own energy and vibes. We welcome your feedbacks and suggestions to improve further.

This is our third Travelogue Edition and We  proudly launch this edition based on Positive Characters  of the world’s greatest epic The Mahabharat.

Proud Being an Indian

“When our Nation is Proud of us, we are the Best Citizens, When we are Proud Of our Nation, we are the Best Soldiers”. _Team Kan-B Jai Hind | Jai Bharat | Vande Mataram

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