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Welcome To Gar-V

Exclusive Door Skins From KAN-B for Door Manufacturers


GAR-V is an official Brand of Kan-B ESPECIALLY established to sell Exclusive Door Skins to remote areas where Kan-B doors find difficult to reach due to Transportational issues. Kan-B being successful for past few years  in door manufacturing has now entered into PVC door skins and other variety of Door skin supplies  to India and other country door manufacturers. We are known for Quality Products and Service. GAR-V aims to supply quality and unique range of products being very different from other manufacturers in India. GAR-V never Compromises its Promise and we always work on the principle  stating, “We may not have the Product for the Price you, but we always have the Value for the Product we have”.Over past years of experience in printing industry and having done lots of research and development we are ready to launch some unique and exclusive door skins at India Wood 2022.


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About GAR-V

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Our Mantra
"Quality is not an ACT, it is a Habit."
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