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Exclusive Door Skins From KAN-B for Door Manufacturers

Introducing GAR-V, an official brand by Kan-B, established with a unique purpose - to bring Exclusive Door Skins to remote areas where transportation challenges hinder the reach of Kan-B doors. Building on Kan-B's successful legacy in door manufacturing, GAR-V has expanded its offerings to include PVC door skins and a variety of door skin supplies for India and beyond. Renowned for our commitment to quality and service, GAR-V is set to deliver a distinct range of products, setting us apart from other manufacturers in India. Our principle, "We may not have the product for the price you have, but we always have the value for the product we have," underscores our unwavering dedication. With years of experience in the printing industry and extensive research and development, we are excited to unveil our unique and exclusive door skins at India Wood 2024.


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About GAR-V

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Our Mantra
"Quality is not an ACT, it is a Habit."
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